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Antara panflute


Professional Antara panflute (zampoña). It has 10 pipes.

It includes a pan flute case, made of typical peruvian manta.


Material: Bamboo

Rows: 1

Height: 17 cm. / 6.7 in.

Width: 12.5 cm. / 4.9 in.

Weight: 55 gr. / 1.9 oz.

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The pan flute, also called Antara (in Quechua), Siku (in Aymara) or Zampoña (in Spanish), is a traditional Andean panpipe. It is a wind instrument consisting of cane pipes of different lengths tied in a row or in a bundle, held together by wax or cord; and generally closed at the bottom.


When pipes are tied in a single row, the panflute is called Antara, and when they are arranged in two or more rows, it is usually called Siku.


The Antara is a common wind instrument in the north of Peru, from Pallasca (Ancash). It has many similarities with the highland pan flute; however, you can differentiate it from the material used and the number of pipes.


The pan flute is played by blowing horizontally across the open end against the sharp inner edge of the pipes.


The pan flute has long been popular as a folk instrument, and is considered the first mouth organ.


Artisan: Mr. Ramos.